Starbucks On Clemson University Campus

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On Monday, October 17 from one p.m. until two p.m. I observed people’s behavior in Starbucks on Clemson University campus. The majority of the population consisted of students most likely ranging from eighteen years old to twenty-four years old. This time of day seemed to be particularly busy, and from where I was sitting I observed human behavior as they interacted within the space. The room itself had an ordering area, an area to gather while waiting for your drink, and then multiple seating arrangements, such as booths, high tables, large tables, and small tables. Even with all the furniture the space had little obstructions, making it easy to oversee activity. People’s interaction with others depended greatly on whether or not they were with other people. If someone was alone they did not sit at a table that had four or more chairs, instead they would opt for a table that was made for two people. Pairs of people meeting each other at the location hugged, but when saying goodbye, they simply walked away, not stopping to give a farewell. Groups tended to consist of younger students, while individuals were more likely to be older students. While waiting to order their drink groups would talk loudly, but upon sitting each individual would pull out something to occupy them and all talking ceased. The talking amongst others in line gained the attention of people sitting down, especially those that were sitting alone. If a group looked up at people talking in line there

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