Starbucks Operations Management Essay

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Starbucks Coffee Company was founded in 1971 as a delicate coffee and tea vendor. In 1985, chairman and CEO Howard Schultz altered the business into what it is now - an international coffee brand manufactured on the wisdom of coffee, high-quality goods, and a desire for teaching customers about the values of coffees and teas. Today, Starbucks has expanded from its Seattle roots and markets imported coffee, fine teas, Italian style espresso, cold beverages, food products and coffee fixtures. It has created lifetime relationships with several coffee bean manufacturers and farmers and has linked a solid brand image to all of its 176,000 employees. It manages 17,000 stores in over 49 countries universally and has a durable brand
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All locations are accessible for families with babies and/or physically challenged customers (“Oxbridge writers.”). The teams of architects that work for Starbucks are diligent in picking the right location and perfect brand image for the business (“Oxbridge writers.”). The company’s retail store ranges in size, which spans from 1,000 to 1,500 square feet (“Oxbridge writers.”). Buildings, city centers, schools, and highly trafficked shopping areas are typically the locations of these stores (“Oxbridge writers.”). Starbucks has designed their stores as a place for relaxation (“Oxbridge writers.”). Customers are provided with the chance to talk with family or friends or simply enjoy a delicious cup of coffee (“Oxbridge writers.”). The company has marketed their business as a warm place that is open to the public (“Oxbridge writers.”). Hence, the facility layout is directed towards a fast and friendly coffee service (“Oxbridge writers.”). The stores are arranged in an appealing way to the customers (“Oxbridge writers.”). The arrangement projects a perfect place for a break to breathe (“Oxbridge writers.”). The stores provide a happy, comfortable, and positive atmosphere (“Oxbridge writers.”). This is displayed through the large leather seats, fireplaces, soft couches, and
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