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Question 1: What should be the important goals for Siddhartha and Venu Madhav when considering their responses to Starbuck’s entry into India? Answer: 1. CCD has always competed well with foreign brands in the past. But with Starbucks entry into the Indian market, CCD needs to be more aggressive in its approach and stay relevant to its customers. 2. One of the goals of CCD could be to increase its customer base which has predominantly been Students or youngsters. The customer base of Starbucks has been much more wide in its range. 3. CCD can also increase the number of Squares and lounges. 4. Another goal of CCD has to be to retain its customers. It has to come up with different schemes to retain its customers, like the Starbucks offered…show more content…
While expanding and opening new lounges and stores in the upscale urban areas, the real estate can be a problem. Question 3: What are Starbuck’s most important advantages and challenges? Answer: Advantages: 1. Starbucks is one of the oldest Coffee Shops worldwide. 2. It has a strong brand name attached to it. 3. Its customer base included professionals, students, taxi drivers, artists, shoppers. 4. Its products include coffee, eateries, instant coffee powder, Starbucks branded ice creams, ground coffee and beans and other merchandise. 5. Starbucks owned most of it stores, rather than franchising them. 6. One of the earliest coffee shops to go international. 7. The service provided by Starbucks to its customers is at a personal level and is no less than that provided at 5-star hotels. 8. Starbucks came with a status symbol and as a sophisticated, upscale coffee shop. 9. The stores which opened internationally kept in mind the local arts and culture and designed the stores accordingly. 10. It tries to have a connection with the family of its employees. 11. Partnership with the second largest beverage group, Tata Beverage Group is an advantage. 12. Tata is well connected, which will allow Starbucks to expand

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