Starbucks Project Proposal

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------------------------------------------------- PROJECT PROPOSAL Prepared for: Joanne Noonan Prepared by: mahannad almahwes, abdulaziz alktheri Date: 17/11/11 ------------------------------------------------- Proposal #: Introduction The Starbucks Company does not need any introduction; the sweet smell of hot coffee touches your nostrils as soon as the name of Startbucks is mentioned. In order to give a magnificent boost to this world acclaimed brand, the proposal of the vending machines has been designed. The following assessment encompasses all the marketing strategies including 4p’s and the SWOT analysis by highlighting the significance and efficiency of the vending machines to promote the sale and growth of Starbucks…show more content…
The customers have blind faith in the quality of the product that is the biggest plus point in the field of marketing. Supreme quality coupled with splendid service can boost the sale of the product to new heights. Customers’ feedback on daily basis to check their priorities can also be a very strong strategy for the raise of sale. Vending machines are also least vulnerable to the threat of hacking. Though, over the years, criminal elements have tried several ways to hack the machines but no major disaster has ever been reported. Vending machines have been updated as per the requirement of the machine purchasers. Weaknesses The biggest hindrance in the promotion of the idea can be the lack of storage space for food product as well as for machines. It is not possible to overcome this issue in the beginning; the expansion of the above mentioned areas is possible with time. Some health conscious people have reservations against using the products delivered from the vending machines; they suspect the freshness and hygienic conditions of the product. However, with the advent of latest technology every gadget has turned into a luxurious delicacy. The vending machines offer services with some interesting features, some of them are as follow: * No cleaning up, no mess, one cup at a time * Drinks ready in 40-60 seconds * Available 24/7 Opportunities Availability of the wide range of variety is the pride of Starbucks Company which
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