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The ideal requirements were also based on the maximum density of Starbuck shops located within the town centre area for the city of Chicago; a total of 48 places were designed within the town centre business region areas (Starbucks in Illinois/Chicagoland May 21, 2011). The technique for applying Coffee house distribution support concept to clients will be through in-store discounts, email advertising, on-line applications for smart-phone customers, television advertisements, paper ads as well as through Coffee house website and Facebook social networking network. Customers will be able to register their on-line information to perform and house details to locate the providing Coffee house shops near them.

Majority of the growth decision revolves around the concept of maximizing shareholders wealth. Shareholders wealth and value can be improved by increasing the growth in revenue, increasing the operating efficiency, asset efficiency and fulfilling the expectation of the shareholders that is gaining confidence about the company’s future in the minds of analyst and the stakeholders of the company (Kerzner, 2014, p. 660).

In this case, this decision is mainly focusing to add more value to the company. When a company enters into a new venture, there are probabilities for both success and failure (Rothman, 2009, p. 58). A detailed market research and an in depth analysis is required before making any investment decision as this will affect the entire organization. In this

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