Starbucks Promised For The Working Conditions

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Last year, Starbucks promised that they would improve the working conditions and scheduling of their employees, but the company has not lived up to their promise yet. The managers want to keep labor costs as low as possible which has resulted in understaffing and making employees work long days, sometimes even making them close one night and open the next morning, which is known as a “clopening”. Autonomy, one of the most important job characteristics of motivation, seems to be very low in this situation for multiple reasons. First, the workers are not able to choose their own work schedule, the company provides them with when they are scheduled to work. This alone decreases motivation, but the fact that some workers are scheduled for “clopenings” further lowers their autonomy. Most workers would not mind opening or closing as long as they do not have to do both back-to-back. One way to fix this would be to allow workers to choose their own schedules. If Starbucks used an online scheduling program where every worker could input what times they wanted to work over the next two weeks or so, employees would be much happier with their schedules. The workers would have a minimum and maximum amount of hours they could work in the given time period, a minimum and maximum amount of employees that could work at the same time, and a minimum shift length. This scheduling process could also ensure that no employee performs a “clopening” if it is

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