Starbucks Satire

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Hi Jill, I used Starbucks as one of the companies I wrote about in this week's written assignment. While it's nice to treat myself to go out and get coffee sometimes, I barely ever do because, aside from the price, I hate the waste that these places produce. Think about how many people Starbucks serves a day worldwide, and the majority of those cups are going to be thrown away. Now, they do have reusable cups that you can bring in to be filled, but many people, myself included, don't remember to do that. Or it's such a spontaneous trip to the coffee shop, that you can't always think ahead to have your reusable cup with you. So it was nice to read about how Starbucks is making their cups out of materials that are certified recyclable material in most…show more content…
And in addition to expanding the areas that are able to recycle the materials Starbucks' cups are made out of, the next biggest step is getting consumers to switch up their habits of tossing the cup in the garbage bin to tossing it in the recycle
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