Starbucks Service Environment

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Executive Summary Adopting a qualitative approach, this report provides an evaluation and critical analysis of the service process and service environment to evaluate the specialty coffee house chain, Starbucks Singapore. The report evaluates the purpose and value of the Starbucks servicescape design, a descriptive illustration of the service environment with a detailed and clear blue-printing of the service process all from an external view-point Introduction and Company Background Description of Service Environment Specific Goals, Values and Objectives of Starbucks Singapore Servicescape Goals Starbucks want its servicescape to be the “Third Place” between work and home, providing unmatched store experience. Besides…show more content…
The average waiting time of beverage or espresso is 5 minutes. For other products, serving is immediate. Promotions: There is the Singapore Starbucks Card. It is a membership card and stored value card. It offers its customers on rewards and convenience during purchases at participating Starbucks stores of Singapore. For example, free complementary drink and 1-for-1 drinks promotions. Service Environment Competitors Starbucks main competitors are quick-service restaurant and specialty coffee shops. They are serving the same or similar core product as what Starbucks providing to their customer. Identification of Unique Service Factors that Differentiate Starbucks from Its Competitors (Including Servicescape) The “Starbucks Experience”: There is a friendly and clear connection between staffs and customers of Starbucks. This is not present in The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. Starbucks handpick all of the music played in their stores and create unique compilations of their own. For example, compilation of pop band “Maroon 5”, Latin Alternative Music "Cafe con Musica" to motherhood-inspired album “Every Mother Counts 2012”. Supporting Local Music Talents: Starbucks takes special effort to introduce and feature local music talents in Singapore under its brand. For example, Brandon Lee and his band. These local music talents are granted to sell copies of their music CDs in all Starbucks stores
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