Starbuck's Strategy Essay

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Assignment 1: Starbucks’ Strategy Starbucks’ Success – More than Java!

Strayer University

MGT 500 – Modern Management

Professor – Dr. Robert A. Miller Jr.

July 21, 2013

1. Suggest the key elements of Starbucks’ organizational culture that contributes to its success in a global economy. Indicate management’s role with creating and sustaining the organizational culture. The Starbucks Corporation presents a strong appeal for potential customers and employees because it has a strong organizational culture based on its values, which include “ethical sourcing, environmental stewardship and community
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These decision making guidelines are based on Starbucks values and principles and are meant to help employees make unbiased decisions. Starbucks understands that if people have inaccurate perceptions, they can make poor decisions. (Goldstein, 2006). So, they have created guidelines that both direct employee behavior, as well as shape corporate perception. Because Starbucks understands perceptions can affect decisions, the models help standardize the decision making process in order to always get a satisfactory result. These models organize the decision making process into steps which “identify a need, create a process to determine what will satisfy the need, identify matches to the need, then help make a decision based on what best matches the need” (Robbins, 2005). In addition, these models try to shape moral and ethical decisions as well as focus on the rights of individuals and social justice. Starbucks uses what they call the "Ethical Decision Making Framework" to guide the models (Business Ethics & Compliance, 2013). In order to be transparent Starbucks posts the framework and all of the models on their website (Business Ethics & Compliance, 2013). If Starbucks’ managers simply follow this guidance, they will be successful and Starbucks will continue to be a successful corporation.
2. Assess the effectiveness of Starbucks’ management decisions
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