Starbucks Structure

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Starbucks’ Structure What would we do without Starbucks? Whether it’s your regular morning cup or you just need a quick pick me up, Starbucks are everywhere and their staff are always there to brew you a cup with while providing friendly customer service. While the baristas will be your main point of contact when requesting your drinks, there is also the job of Shift Manager who makes drinks as well, but their primary duties include managing and maintaining the store. To better understand the duties and responsibilities of the Shift Manager, I will give a detailed description of what their duties and responsibilities include. The key primary responsibility of the Shift Manager is to ensure that the Customer feels welcomed…show more content…
Departmentalization by function is the most common form, because most companies are small and offer one main product. Starbucks is no small company by any means, but they do focus on one main type of product and service, which is coffee drinks. Starbucks is not known for it's pastries and they do not put much advertising into those products. If they were to offer a variety of food products and lunch their form of departmentalization would change to that of Departmentalization by Product. This form of departmentalization is used by companies who sell multiple products. In 2008, the company began to experience financial problems due to the economy. Starbucks Founder, Howard Schultz, who had previously stepped down as CEO, returned to try to bring Starbucks back to prominence. Here Starbucks used centralization, the company brought back its original executive management team to help solve its financial difficulties. At the Executive Management Level, key decisions were made in regards to the company. Starbucks evaluated their location selection which had been the key financial downfall of the company, the company had too many stores in close proximity of each other that was effecting profit of one of the stores. In order to cut costs, Starbucks closed over 900

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