Starbucks Swot Analysis

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1. Introduction
Starbucks has recently landed itself in troubled waters after being accused of supporting the Israeli Government and providing funds to the Israeli Army, specifically for the cause of invasion of Gaza. To make matters worse, a reputed Egyptian Muslim cleric went on national TV claiming the image contained in the Starbucks logo was that of Queen Esther, the Queen of Jews in Persia. While Starbucks is not the first European or North American company to get its feet entangled in controversies, it must make continuous efforts to keep its image clean and take measures and actions to negotiate the ill effects it might have on its brand and brand value. These measures become necessary to develop the organization in an ever so, politically charged situation that exists in the Middle
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Environmental Mission Statement:
• Sharing environmental information with our partners to understand clearly.
• Improving innovative and flexible solutions.
• Using environment products including selling and using them.
• Encouraging responsible environment as corporate value
• Following process and measure every project.
• All partners involve to company’s mission.
Source: (Starbucks 2010b)

5 SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is a key systematic apparatus that is utilized to assess the qualities, shortcomings, opportunities and threats connected with a business (Kotler and Keller, 2006). In addition, "SWOT analysis seeks after an incorporated methodology including key organization and ecological variables. The target is the showdown of the organization's inner qualities and its shortcomings, and, organization outer business opportunities and dangers so as to create conceivable key alternatives" (Bohm, 2009, p.1).

Analysis of Starbucks leads to the following conclusions:

• Strengths:

o Wide range of products

o Extensive scope of staff advantages helps worker resolve

o Effective use of data innovation

o Strategic associations with

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