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Starbucks got its start in 1971 by three academic teaching professionals. English teacher Jerry Baldwin, history teacher Zev Siegel, and writer Gordon Bowker, all three love coffee and decided to open Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice in Pikes Place Market, Seattle Washington. The three partners shared a common love for fine coffees and exotic teas. They believed they could build a clientele in Seattle that would appreciate the best coffees. With this being the case, they borrowed the money and Starbucks’ was born.
Since the first stores grand opening, Starbucks has made the fortune 500 list, they have a goal of opening 30,000 stores by 2013 and half of those are going to be outside the U.S. In 2006 Starbucks’ only held 7% of
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Let us now talk about Starbucks opportunities which they have been very successful at capitalizing on in the past. Their biggest opportunity will be in the emerging markets which from the beginning they have been capitalizing on. These markets will open many doors for Starbucks’ to compete in. Technological advantages, technological advancements allow Starbucks to increase quality and decrease waiting time. Technology is continuously improving, making things quicker, faster and better.
These opportunities are related to serving customer needs because Starbucks will be able to satisfy the desire for their coffee along with the experience in other countries. Emerging international markets allow Starbucks to expand while our country is experiencing and economic recession. Starbucks has already begun flourishing in these emerging international markets, beginning in China. Specifically, they have opened 420 stores and consider it a great opportunity because of the large number of people in this area. China is great places for this type of product since the Chinese already have a taste for coffee and tea’s.
Starbucks’ threats are limited to the economy, emerging competitors and a rise in coffee bean and dairy product prices. These threats are related to serving customer’s needs because they impact the price the consumers pay for a cup of coffee. While our economy is experiencing a recession, consumers who are not loyal
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