Starbucks : Target Market And How Was Starbucks

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Question 1:When Howard Schultz launched Starbucks, who was the target market and how was Starbucks positioned to appeal to this target market?
When Starbucks started their target market were people who enjoyed coffee not just for an energy boost from the caffeine, but people who enjoyed sitting down and drinking a well-prepared cup. Upon visiting Italy and falling in love with the coffee bars and the experience that they offered, Schultz envisioned a place between your home and work where you could sit and enjoy your coffee. Starbucks wanted to control their coffee from “raw green beans to the steaming cup” this meant that they had to talk with their farmers to make sure the quality was up to their standards. They were getting coffee from different places around the world that had different characteristics that would attract the type of coffee drinkers they wanted and tasted good. When preparing the coffee they first would ground the roasted beans, this was one of the ways that they attracted people to drink their coffee because it was freshly grounded before brewing. They used manual coffee pots to brew their coffee, which is more time-consuming but showed how dedicated they were with the quality of their product unlike other big companies. Starbucks was priced as a premium cup of coffee compared to other coffee shops, because of the steps they took to make a high-quality cup of Joe from start to finish. They put a lot of time and effort making sure that the atmosphere of

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