Starbucks Tea Time

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The line poured well out the door, an indication that there were several other people who had the same idea as me. Once I was able to get inside the Starbucks, however, I was greeted by the sensuous scent of warmed tea leaves in a variety of flavors proof that it was definitely tea time in Hong Kong. My mouth began to water slightly as I inhaled the myriad delicious scents: Rosemary, Thyme, Jasmine, and other flavors that are distinct to this part of the world. The deliberate prattle of customers in line ahead of me, readily engaging in conversation with the workers, was sonorous to my ears after a long morning of studying. Behind the workers, my eyes danced among the vibrant shades of multicolored bottles, shiny mechanical machinery, and subdued brown and tans of light, flaky croissants. It was not long before it was my turn at the counter. My hand flickered as I waved to my girlfriend in the corner, passively awaiting my arrival with the goods. Tea time is a bit of a ritual with us, and today was my turn to supply the essentials. Behind the counter, the employees face lit up like a full moon in a warm, sincere greeting, before she asked me what I wanted. I lingered a while on her smile (I do not only patronize this particular Starbucks for its goods) before I took in the sea of colors, objects, and delightful food and drinks on display behind her. I could still feel the hint of a draft wafting its way about my shoulders, toying with my dark shiny hair a reminder that it
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