Starbucks: The American Dream

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The American Dream
The main concept of the American Dream has been altered and changed due to self pleasing over-riding self reliance. Many people do not know what hard work is anymore. They do simple things and expect more of an outcome.
The American dream is essentially an idea that anyone in the U.S can succeed through hard work (McMahon). Some may say their American dream is to own land. While others may say it is to have a committed relationship or to get married (McMahon). When someone is living in their high hopes and doing everything they desire, others may say it is considered living the dream.
A great example of fulfilling the American dream is the CEO of starbucks, Howard Schultz. Before becoming big in the coffee industry, his life was not all that easy. He was born in Brooklyn, New York, and raised in the projects (Loudenback). Thus, he experienced poverty at a young age. When Schultz was seven years old his dad broke his ankle,while working as a truck driver ( Loudenback). At the time his dad had no health insurance, and his family was left with no income ( Loudenback). It was the complete opposite of “living the dream.”
After graduating in 1975, Schultz finally landed a job in the sales training program at Xerox, where he got experience cold calling and pitching word processors in New York ( Loudenback). The work did
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In other words, achieving the american
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