Starbucks : The Entry Of Starbucks

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The entry of Starbucks in Australia began in July 2000. The Starbucks Australia is a wholly owned subsidiary as a joint venture between Markus Hofer and Starbucks Coffee International, subsequently licensed its local chain to the Withers Group, which operates 7-Eleven in Australia. Began selling espressos, frappuccino, and filtered coffee from its first store in Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD). The company was facing difficulties in the Australian café market. However, the company aggressively expanded their store as blanketing strategy, establish a presence and recognition in the minds of Australian customer although was not earning huge revenues and operating beyond capacity. Progressively deteriorates, Starbucks Australia announces its plans to close down 61 of 84 stores in Australia on July 29th, 2008. Starbucks has become a worldwide cultural phenomenon of fast food or coffee chain in the U.S. and International market. The success was brought by the company business philosophy, to deliver fine quality coffee, meeting place, ambience, and consistently convenient in blankets existing and new locations with stores that easily accessible due by having multiple stores on the same street. In addition, Starbucks always cultivates in a region/country that are not established by coffee culture as an example in the UK, Canada, and Asia Pacific which majority were tea-drinking country or unacquainted with coffee. Achievement also done by providing coffee that unifies with
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