Starbucks The Largest Global Coffee Company Essay

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Café Coffee Day was the leading company of coffee chain industry in India owned 1,469 stores with 60% market share by 2013 (Yoffie and Bijlani, 2014). However, Starbucks the largest global coffee company has entered India to compete with Indian local coffee company especially Café Coffee Day. Starbucks has brought its strong capital, the premium level of service and the high quality of coffee product and cooperated with the largest business conglomerate in India. The problem is how CCD could maintain its market leadership facing with the expansion of Starbucks. In this report that the main competitive advantages and challenges of CCD are explained first with analytical tools such as SWOT, PESTEL and Porter’s five forces theory. In order to give any recommendations to the lead team in the second part of this report, perspectives of corporate social responsibility and creating shared value has been used to analysis what the company should do. Corporate social responsibility means firms contributing social benefits instead of only focus on maximizing profits (McWilliams, 2015) and creating shared value “implies creating economical value while simultaneously creating value for the society (Lapiņa, Borkus, and Stariņeca, 2012)”. To point out how CCD could maintain its position that what competitive advantages and challenges of the company should be examined.
SWOT analysis includes four different factors to describe the key issues of both business environment and internal

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