Starbucks Turkey : Business Model Of Fine Quality Coffee

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Starbucks Turkey
MBA 642, Dr. Gopalakrishna
By Alison Nadler Guerette
Question 1: Has Starbucks done well in Turkey? What are some of the common growth drivers in terms of consumer characteristics, market characteristics, and entry strategies across the USA and Turkey that might account for Starbuck’s success?
Answer 1: Despite some global and local competition they are now facing, Starbucks has done well in Turkey. This is thanks to several factors and changes among the consumer and market characteristics of the country resulting in growth drivers positively impacting Starbucks.
At the basic level, coffee is steeped in Turkey’s culture and lifestyle as well as enjoying the drink among family and friends in an environment conducive to socializing. This is also the fundamental level of Starbucks’ business model of fine quality coffee and stores with welcoming atmospheres designed to appeal to friendly gatherings. Therefore, Tukey and Starbucks seem to be a natural fit in terms of the market. By engaging in licensing, which they had done successfully in other countries, Starbucks was even better able to tap into local knowledge and secure desirable retail locations.
Furthermore, in Turkey’s history, there was a time prior to 1980 where Starbucks would have not done so well due to an embargo put into place by the Turkish government limiting coffee’s prevalence in the country and shifting preferences to tea. However, thanks to the lifting of the embargo as well as other market

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