Starbuck's Use of Corporate Social Responsibility

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In the today’s business world, there are many strategies being used to run businesses. In the recent past, the topic of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has grown rapidly. People are starting to demand that companies take their social responsibility seriously. Many companies have started to engage in CSR as a strategy in order to gain benefits that can give them an added advantage over their competitors. There have been increasing numbers of companies engaged in CSR to run their businesses. Nowadays, corporate social responsibility (CSR) can drive companies to succeed in business by increasing sales volume and brand awareness. I decided to choose Starbucks Company as a case study for this thesis because this company has a good reputation in terms of social responsibility. The purpose of this study is to investigate how Starbucks succeeds in a business world by using CSR as a long-term strategy. You consider CSR strategy in terms of how this company can run business by using innovative technologies to increase the products and reduce costs and no damage to the environment. In addition, you intend to study how this company succeeds in gaining a competitive advantage in its business. Moreover, you also intend to find out how it deals with social responsibilities both in the internal organization and in communities including how it can protect environment. you will focus on five principle areas based on sustainable values-based service business of Starbucks Company and
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