Starbucks Vs. Executive Of Starbucks

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Howard Schlutz- CEO and Chairman of Starbucks proved that dreams do come true. Starbucks Coffee Company is the textbook example proving that passion and drive are enough to start an effective business project. Starbucks bred progressively from one little homegrown business in Seattle to an international coffee giant. From the beginning, the company had a different aura to it. It is not a traditional entrepreneurship, in the sense that Howard got the idea from the owners of the original Starbucks in Seattle. But Howard’s vision to bring the romance of coffee is what made him prosper. It was not about the profits for him, it was about celebrating coffee and its rich tradition. He’s the man who globalized coffee. A defining moment, in the early history of Starbucks was when Howard bought Starbucks from his previous employers in 1987. Here, he was faced with problems of merging two companies and transforming them into one successful business. Starbucks is not only about the positives. From 1987 to 1989 Starbucks had a losing streak. Schultz never strayed from his original purpose and battled through the storm, laying a strong foundation for his company. The crossroads in Schultz’s life is his capability to foretell the future and trust in fate. One of the greatest lessons learned from his story is that, as a strategic component in entrepreneurship, pursuing an opportunity fused with desire can yield magnificent products. The key principle that Schultz conveys is that employees…

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