Starbucks : Winter Term 2015

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Robert Prindle
Dr. Pradeep Gopalakrishna
Winter Term 2015
Discussion Questions

1. Has Starbucks has done well in Turkey? What are some of the common growth drivers in terms of consumer characteristics, market characteristics, and entry strategies across USA and Turkey that might account for Starbucks’ success? After reading the case study, it is evident that Starbucks has done very well in Turkey. With a strong love for coffee since the days of the Ottoman Empire and a population of over seventy million, it is no surprise to see that Turkey was the perfect opportunity for a coffee company to flourish. It’s no wonder why the hot drink made its mark on the society: for years Turkish citizens enjoyed the beverage over many social
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Starbucks was always certain about one thing: they wanted to offer each customer the ‘Starbucks experience,’ or to sell the finest quality of coffee in a comfortable atmosphere. The local environment was studied to implement effective strategies to drive success for the business. Their entry strategies included marketing and sales events with a series of public relations to build brand awareness. They served free coffee and presented new drinks for tasting. While a range of competitors entered the business, Starbucks rose to the occasion. After analyzing the business tactics of their competitors, the company made the necessary approaches to ensure success. They began opening stores on the high-end popular streets, and then branching out even further. Starbucks constantly offers new products in their stores across the USA, Turkey and the dozens of other countries they reside in. Adapting their atmosphere and business strategies to the needs of the customers keeps both their revenue high and patrons satisfied.

2. What are the core, actual and augmented product benefits offered by Starbucks in Turkey?
The augmented product benefit offered by Starbucks in Turkey is customer care. They offer Turkish coffee, which is something that many Turkish coffee drinkers were looking for. They have made their stores cozy and enjoyable to keep the tradition the country had of relaxing coffee shops alive. They tailored their stores and business to the society.
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