Starbucks a Nightmare

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Starbucks A Worst Nightmare I was making a grande vanilla bean frappiccino while other customers were waiting in line to have their order taken. Business was slow that day, but heck, everyday at my job was a slow one. I would think to myself, Why the hell am I still working here? when this place gets no business at all. Of course, I work at Starbucks, not the ones that you see on the corner of the streets, but I worked at the one in Target. At my Starbucks, we would have one person working each shift. We had three shifts per day, the opening shift, the midday, and the closing shift. With all my luck I got to either open the store, or close the store. I really didn't like opening or closing, but I said to myself, money is…show more content…
I then went back outside, I took off my green apron, and my black Starbucks hat, and I walked out of Target, and went home. When I got home, it wasn't more than a couple of minuets later before Tenesha had called me, and I told her, "I'm done working for Starbucks, and you guys need to find a replacement for me". After I told Tenesha that, I was back at home enjoying the work free life. After a couple of days went by, Andrew my former employee called me, and asked me what had happened that day I walked out of Starbucks. I told him that, "I was sick and tired of Amber telling me how to do my job, and the only person that should tell me would be Tenesha." Andrew said, "Every job is going to be like that, and if you view that you can just walk out on a job, that I was sadly mistaken". After talking to Andrew, and the advice he told me on the job life, I was thinking to myself, "Was it that big of a deal to just walk out on the job"? "Did I really have a good reason to quit my job"? With all the questions I asked my self, I answered them all no. I found out that every job is going to be like the one I had at Starbucks, and if I just walk out every time I have a problem with something, I will never be able to work again. In any job, if you have a problem with something, never walk away because you're never going to get anywhere if you do. I also learned that everybody goes through the same things at work everyday, but they find ways in coping with it, and
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