Starbucks and Analysis of International Market Accessing

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International Market Selection – Starbucks goes global International Strategic Marketing Conducted by Che Thanh Quang L0228NDND0211 Date 2 – Jan - 2013 1. Introduction 2. rESEARCH AND AND ARCKNOWLEDGE FOR sTARBUCKS IN THE iNTERATIONAL MARKETS Internal factors in Foreign market selection * Personnel * Management * Customers * Capital requirements * Time and research external factors in foreign market selection * Market potential * Political environment * Legal environment * Economic and culture environment 3. Conclusion 4. REFERENCES 1. Introduction Everyday, people in the world go to Starbucks’s coffee shop to take their cup of coffee.…show more content…
* Capital requirements The start up capital requirement of accessing a foreign market is another impact to be considered for organisation (Alon, 2004). Eventhough, as we all known, Starbucks is a giant in coffee industry, it does not mean they can handle all the problem of capital in any country. The initial outlay of international orientation could be too high, even if the potential for potential profit is great. * Time and research In any field of life, time is invaluable impact and it is more important in the business environment. The decision of accessing an market in the specific time can bring the advantage compare to the competitors. Moreover, research is affecting to time, when organisation need to get knowledge and get planned preparation to enter it. In this case, Starbucks managers are usually under pressure to give decision on time, which seems to be easy to trade in, it may be selected and provide high risk to organisation. * Customers One of the base impacts may influence the whole organisation completely is customers and their demands. The domestic customers are main factor to the stabilisation of company. In case the organisation move on to new market, they could be affected by various reasons and it could lead to another conflict

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