Starbucks and Dunkin' Donuts

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Starbucks and Dunkin ' Donuts

Raphael Ferreira
Composition 1101
Dr. Raphael Bennet

Starbucks and Dunkin ' Donuts Coffee has been around the market and homes for a very long time now. The first coffee shop in the United States opened in 1697 in New York. Today, nearly two-thirds of americans drink coffee. Coffee is usually associated with 'waking up ' or 'staying awake ' due to your high caffeine level, and it 's invevitable to these two coffee chains be overcrowded during the rush hours in the morning. Coffee shops are always trying to innovate with different coffee flavor or mixtures to make them standout more than the other competitors. Starbucks and Dunkin '
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Earning the first 30 stars on the card will grant the customer the "Gold Level" for 12 months, and during these 12 months the customer will be treated with his/her favorite food or drink whenever he/she earn 12 stars. Starbucks and Dunkin ' Donuts have a very attractive customer rewards program, but Starbucks offers a better rewards program due to the long term benefit. Athmosphere is a deciding factor for customers on any restaurant or store they visit, and it is not different with these two coffee chains. At Starbucks the customers will have a more homely feeling when sitting at the store to have their coffee or breakfast. The comforting sound in the background makes the store a stress-free and relaxing place to customers enjoy their drinks, and commonly customers describe Starbucks ' athmosphere more like a lounge due to their lights being dim and coozy. At Dunkin ' Donuts, customers will experience more a fast-food type of athmosphere with bright lights and not so commodious seating, which turns it into a place where the customers are just stopping there to buy their coffee and leave. The cleanness and organization in these both coffee chains is one criteria they have lots ofsimilarities. The two stores are very clean and organized. Also, display foods are always fresh to date and are placed in a closed display avoiding
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