“Starbucks and Others: the Future of Public Wi-Fi”

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CHRIST UNIVERSITY OF MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE “STARBUCKS AND OTHERS: THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC Wi-Fi” CASE STUDY ANALYSIS SUMMARY: Wi-Fi usage has been on the upswing recently, thanks to the rise of smartphones, especially the iPhone. Whether it is airports or cafes, people are increasingly logging onto Wi-Fi networks.The case talks about free Wi-Fi in various areas of businesses like restaurants, airports etc to attract crowd and to increase their business. It talks about transition from Wi-Fi – for money to Wi-Fi as a lure. The various strategies implemented by these businesses to give away free public Wi-Fi. Various issues like pricing, security issues etc are discussed in detail in the analysis below. The case also talks about newer trends…show more content…
In the News channel, customers will have unfettered access to the Wall Street Journal, USA Today and The New York Times. Brotman explained that access to the latter of the two will be the paid versions not available for free to readers anywhere else. When it comes to entertainment, Starbucks will offer free Apple iTunes downloads. Brotman promises even “more exciting Apple stuff” in the future, noting that the two brands have a strong relationship. Nickelodeon is offering free access to Nick Jr. Boost via SDN. The offering should appeal to parents trying to entertain their kids by giving unrestricted access to educational games that aren’t usually free. Starbucks has selected Rodale — publisher of health and wellness magazines such as Runner’s World and Women’s Health — for its Wellness channel. The premium content offered will be tailored to Starbucks customers and will include recipes, videos and articles, all of which will be updated regularly. Rodale will also let users create their own maps, running routes and biking routes with Starbucks stores identified as pit stops. The Business & Career channel will feature content from Yahoo, a network-wide partner, as well other to-be-announced partners. The future is filled with more Apple goodies, exclusive e-book downloads and eventually the opportunity to digitally

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