Starbucks 's Corporate Social Responsibility

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Starbucks is an extremely popular chain coffeehouse that originally began in Seattle, Washington in 1971. Starbucks currently has over 17,000 stores and its mission is to “inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” (Starbucks 2017). Starbucks utilizes it mission statement through various CSR strategies. CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. CSR is a method that businesses can utilize to benefit society. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) focuses on many types of stakeholders and outcomes, including stakeholders outside of the organization and outcomes that go beyond financial results (Aguinis 2017). According to the Starbucks website, Starbucks announced a set of ambitious goals,…show more content…
In 2014, Starbucks teamed up with Youth Build USA and the Schultz Family Foundation to create more opportunities for youth in the U.S. The organizations decided to help out individuals with troubled backgrounds interested in careers in customer service and retail.
Also, Starbucks has another program called the “Starbucks College Achievement Plan” which is partnered with Arizona State University. Starbucks believes in helping their employees who are struggling to earn their college degrees. Starbucks came up with the College Achievement Plan with Arizona State University to offer full tuition reimbursement (Starbucks 2017). Starbucks is mindful of the importance of employees when it comes to its CSR efforts. As a corporate value Starbucks understands the importance of helping out their communities and they accomplish this goal by creating more opportunities for disadvantage youth. Starbucks recognizes that their employees are stakeholders of the organization. Offering them a benefit to being an employee not only helps out those individuals but also the organizations profitability. They will gain more knowledge of customer service and life skills that will benefit current and future customers. Starbucks is not focused on short-term goals but long-term goals and this is one of the best examples of its ethical practices.

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