Starbucks 's Marketing Plan For Starbucks

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Background of Stabucks

Starbucks which from small businesses to todays global cafe, has managed to become one of the best coffee chain and suppliers in the world. As early as in 1971, three friends (Jerry, ZEV and Gordon) sell fresh coffee beans and accessories in Seattle are the idea of passion. Things started to change; Schultz wanted to sit environment friendly coffee service development the business. Schultz provides coffee spread the idea of sitting together in a culture, and since that time, Starbucks is in a fast way to start a unique development way. According to survey that Starbucks has 16706 stores in more than 50 countries around the world also has 8850 companies to operate 7856 licensed stores. (Starbucks material, 2010). People want to drink a cup of coffee at Starbucks and they real want a place to have a rest, relaxed and talk. For the generation Y, they want to talk and drink coffee with Wi-Fi and friends. Additionally, that is what Starbucks is trying to create in the near future: coffee and the newspaper, a hyper local niche sites nationwide Wi-Fi. (Stefanie, 2010) Meanwhile, Stabucks’s Products are not only is the coffee but also is a kind of carrier. In addition, Starbucks want to send customers a unique style by the carrier coffee. Coffee consumption is a largely cultural consumption level, cultural communication need coffee shop to help people feel the culture of Starbucks and infect customers by this unique cultural and let the customer enjoy the
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