Starbucks 's Organizational Culture And Its Impact On Organizational Success

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Preston Lindsay
Assignment 1: The Starbucks Strategy
MBU 516: Managing People and Performance
Dr. Stanley Randolph

The Effectiveness of Starbucks’ Organizational Culture and its Impact on Organizational Success in Global Economy

It is thoroughly clear that since 1990 The Starbucks Company had a major impact on, first the American, then the global coffee shop market. In the US alone, America housed just under 200 “freestanding” coffee houses, today, there are well over 14,000 stores, 30 percent of which is owned by the Starbucks’ corporation (Thompson 2004). As I uncovered this fact in my research, I immediately asked myself, how? How could such a commodity that has, for decades, been widely favored by a more economically empowered consumer, be extended to those with more conservative means and ultimately become a cultural icon appreciated and represented by many across the global economy? (Moon 2004). The answers were easily discovered. Starbucks had established and maintained a corporate culture that became a shinning example of what is known in the arena of global capitalism as “strong culture company” (Flamholtz 2001). Aside from making quality gourmet coffee available to the general public, Starbucks, recognized the value of corporate culture as a means to positively impact customer service, which inherently favorably impacts overall financial performance. Cultivating an organization wide model for corporate culture, Starbucks set in…
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