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Starbucks vs. Peet’s Coffee & Tea If someone claims they are a coffee drinker and go to Starbucks every morning, chances are they do not know much about coffee and they are more likely to get an espresso drink rather than a cup of coffee. Why? Because Starbucks is not known or praised for their coffee like they use to be. Their signature trademark is their latte macchiato’s, caramel frappucino’s, and random coffee themed objects and items that have turned this once original coffee shop, more into an expensive superstore full of gifts and three month old vacuumed sealed beans. Order a medium, excuse me, I mean “grande” coffee, and the barista will look at you as if you just got out of the loony bin. Peet’s Coffee and Tea, a corporate…show more content…
There are 15,756 Starbucks stores in 44 countries. To have that many stores, serve that many people, and ensure they still maintain the best and highest quality of beans, really sets some doubts. Starbucks has truly become the McDonald’s of the coffee industry because of the supply and demand. In the Starbucks business, quantity is greater than quality because quantity equals to money, where as quality costs more money. There is no win/win situation with this equation when your business is serving practically the world. Despite Peet’s Coffee and Tea being a corporate company, and the amount of stores it has produced, the goals and ambitions have not changed much. Coffee beans and tea’s are still the main focus of Peet’s and where they get most their revenue from. Bill Lilla, Peet’s executive vice president, said his company ensures quality through long-term relationships with growers, and by paying them more than the going rate. On the other hand, Starbucks Coffee insists their size has not affected quality, but it is hard to believe when their size is above and beyond the thousands. As the saying goes, too many cooks ruin the stew, and in this case, Starbucks would be the cooks, and its coffee and early aspirations are the

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