Starbucks's Effective Advertisements And Its Unique Characteristics

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Our society today is surrounded by advertisements and avoiding them is impossible. The purpose of having an advertisement is to convince the buyer to purchase the product. Advertisements make a company successful by convincing the consumer to purchase more products by appealing to their emotions with the use of advertising techniques such as bribery, descriptive words, and catchy slogans. One such modern and successful company is Starbucks. Starbucks’s effective advertisements and its unique characteristics allows the company to fulfill a customer’s desire which in turn lets them be a successful company.
The menu at Starbucks includes coffees, teas, and pastries in various flavors. The plain, old, regular coffee is now transformed to a
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The logo of a Siren persuades the consumer to buy the coffee since it is very popular. The Siren represents a mysterious atmosphere. It makes the visualizer wonder if there are any limits to the Starbucks’s menu.
In addition to the appearance of the advertisements, Starbucks has seasonal or monthly promotions to grasp more people’s attention. Starbucks relies heavily on the technique of association, specifically warm and fuzzy, to sell their seasonal drinks. The creation of holiday drinks shows that Starbucks is family-oriented because Starbucks cares about the importance of American holidays and family gatherings. The holiday drinks are only served during a precise period of time. Besides the holiday drinks, Starbucks uses holiday decorations like the red Christmas cups for the customers to get in the holiday spirit as a way to sell more beverages. Due to the appeal of emotions, the seasonal drinks become popular and are sold more. Furthermore, the monthly deals and the seasonal drinks are considered as a form of bribery that helps the company expand, since it motivates others to buy the products. For instance, there is an application on phones that helps customers gain rewards and receive discounts or free drinks when reaching a certain amount of points.
A unique feature about Starbucks is that the employees are considered baristas. This is the first time in this generation that a person
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