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As Mr. Todd Coffee requested, I will state the history of the Starbucks logo, the potential risk of logo redesign, and other branding successes and failures in detail through this summary report. To be more acceptable and popular, Starbucks has redesigned its logo five times since original image. To be more beneficial, the branding team of Starbucks plans to explore another logo update soon. Hence, I offer this report to help them to know the detailed information about logo redesign and to make the final decision on whether or not Starbucks should update its logo again.

History of Starbucks’ Logo
Until now, Starbuck has formally redesigned their logo five times by following various environmental changes, including technology
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Potential Risks brought by Logo Redesign
By following new operational developments, Starbucks is considering to redesign its logo soon. However, there exists heated debate on whether or not Starbucks should update its logo again. The researchers from Pennsylvania State University’s Smeal College of Business consider that the brand fans usually react more negatively towards new logos. [2] In addition, most customers are not interested in logo redesign [3] based on their opinions on the Starbucks blog, Facebook, and Twitter. All above these indicates that Starbucks may lose many customers, especially its loyal fans, if its logo is changed again.

Not only traditional competitors (such as Dunkin’ Donuts), Starbucks faces more intense competition that comes from fast-food chains, including Burger King and McDonald’s. This kind of fast food restaurants just added premium coffee to their menus. Besides, the demand of certified coffee is increasing, so Starbucks becomes harder to be profitable as before. In this case, if Starbucks chooses to redesign its logo, it will be likely to get more financial and marketing loss.

Successful vs. Failed Logo Redesigns (Other Companies’)
There are four important factors that can determine the longevity of logos. These are (Market) Identity, (Customer & Company) Research, Multi-Purpose, and (Social) Trends. Here, I will offer corresponding examples of each factor.
• Identity
Identity is pretty crucial to companies when competing in
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