Starbucks's Successful Importation And Operation Of The Starbucks Company

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Abstract: Starbucks has become a very popular and high quality coffee chain store in Mainland China, since it come from the United States in 1999. The author based on the visual, aesthetic and PESTLE theory, discussing the successful importation and operation of the Starbucks company. Keywords: Starbucks; Aesthetic; PESTLE; Mainland China Introduction Starbucks corporation was found in 1971, in the United States, and it is one of current the most popular coffee store, roaster, brand proprietor in the world. Starbucks has guarantee to offer customer the highest quality coffee and services, as a result to let Starbucks become a trusted and comfortable zone besides people’ workplace and house. Starbucks has set more than 270 branch retailers in mainland China, since January in 1999, when the first store was founded in Beijing. During the developing period of Starbucks in China, it is responsible for the education communities, environment protection as well as other social communities. With the aesthetic economy development, enterprise can not only rely on the single quality to conduct marketing. Aesthetic perception combined with the brand development has obviously become the consumption trend. PESTLE is the abbreviation of Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Legal and Environmental. PESTLE analysis is a marketing concept that is used as a fundamental tool to measure the environment in which companies are operating or are going to launch a new brand etc. It has an

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