Starlink Persuasive Essay

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The President of StarLink The President of StarLink was very straight forward with his response to me. He admits to selling the products without verified permission. Yet, his argument was that there was no recorded occurrence of allergic reactions, therefore leading him to say he didn’t cause any harm. He stands by his actions saying genetically modified foods are good and effective for our animals, why can’t they be for humans; plus he notes that he tests his products for quite some time. Although, he will not try to slide past the tests of environmental groups ever again because his company was not accepted in many markets ever again. The director of the Aztec Tortilla Company My first thought after interviewing the president of StarLink was to interview some companies that sold taco shells (one of the products that were sold illegally). The director of the company did not like that there was no verification of being allowed to sell the products. But, he has had no complaints to his company from selling the products. He didn’t want to put any of his opinions in this, but he thinks that genetically modified foods for his company may not be so bad. The reason being, is he read an article online from Inside Battelle that said, “The testing process can take 7-10 years, and must include evaluations of potential risks to humans and livestock as well as potential risks to wildlife and the…show more content…
He immediately said that he didn’t appreciate them. Even though he admits that he likes that GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) slow the browning or bruising of some fruits (Phys 1). He doesn’t like that it ruins the naturalness to his foods. Plus, he doesn’t know if his customers would be happy with them either because he thinks the American market isn’t ready for labeling genetically modified
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