Starry Night, Strong Sense Of Comfort, And A Deep Sleep Creates The Perfect Formula For A Sensational

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Chloe Studyvin Mr. Bergmann Sophomore Honors P6 October 10 2016 Dreamland Starry night, strong sense of comfort, and a deep sleep creates the perfect formula for a sensational dream. Many people know that they have dreams, even if they do not remember them. Yet, a scarce amount of people know how, when, and why dreams actually occur. This same concept is true for deja vu. Many individuals wonder, what are dreams? How do dreams relate to deja vu? If so, how is it possible for dreams to predict the future? All these questions will be ceased. Despite some people’s beliefs, dejavu comes from dreams. A dream is a series of thoughts, images, and sensations in a person’s mind during sleep. But what exactly occurs in these imaginative episodes? Is it a pathway to another realm? Another galaxy? Actually, dreams are controlled by neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters determines whether we are awake or whether we are asleep, sort of like a switch (American Sleep Association). In dreams, “there are actually multiple sleep stages”(Withings). These sleep stages are all called neurotic rapid eye movement, or NREM. In fact, dreams do not even occur until the fourth and final NREM stage. The first stage is the lightest stage of sleep. This stage makes it effortless to fall in and out of slumber. Stage one is also the shortest in duration in comparison to the other phases, lasting approximately about 1-10 minutes. During this period, your heart rate becomes steady
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