Stars Are Made All Of The Time

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Gravity has an important role in many things, this including, but not limited to, how stars are made, how planets orbit, and rings around planets. It can make rings, and it can also make black holes, that destroy rings, and the planets they are around. It pushes galaxies apart, and also pulls the smallest of atoms to the center of the Earth. Gravity has an important role in space and time, along with our lives. Stars are made all of the time, and this is because of gravity. Star are made when gravity squeezes interstellar gas with so much pressure that they begin fusion. After they begin this fusion, the fusion lets out a force to the outside of the star. When the gravitational force and the force made by the fusion are the same, the star is stable. If they are not the same, for any reason, the star will be unstable and explode. Stars are made all the time because of gravity, even if we can’t see them being made.…show more content…
Planets are constantly pulled towered their star, but they are also going around the star, and spinning. This act of revolving around the star, paired with the spinning, makes them keep missing the star as they pulled towered, and to the side at the same time, because of the spin. This keeps it near the star, and lets it go around it at the same time. Newton’s third law states as follows, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.” This means that when gravity pulls the planet towered the star, the star is also pushing back on them. When this happens, it is called an
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