Stars By Richard Dyer Summary And Analysis

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Stars are the faces we see and admire on television. We as a society see stars and immediately want to experience what they experience and we want to understand them. We see stars as superficial beings. We see the roles they play in movies and television and only the major things that producers want us to see. Richard Dyer, film critic and author of “Stars” asserts that stars are constructed to an audience so they can relate to them and easily identify with them.We connect to the star based on a feature that we admire or share. This development from an admiration to an idolization pushes an attempt to replicate what society admires in the star. This can either be a positive role or negative role. For example, for someone who admires Leonardo DiCaprio, they might want to donate to his foundation supporting the economy and climate change. While others may idolize and want to behave like Lindsay Lohan and experiment with drugs. This skews what teenagers and kids see as ‘cool’. Many of the reasons why young women want to appear thin is because of the stars we see on television. Many female stars have an hourglass shape to them, large breasts, flat stomach, and wide hips. If one were to google the perfect body, studies about how we view the perfect body arise, as well as an article about the perfect Kardashian body and how to get one are the first links that appear. Richard Dyer presents an idea in his book “Stars” that examines the social types of stars. He analyzes their indigenous role in how society functions through the history of film production. Dyer describes the characteristics of stardom as ordinariness, success, love, and consumption. Ordinariness is sought for in the eyes of stars because that is necessary to relate to the public. If society viewed stars as another species or not human, no one would have the desire to be a star and they would become unrelatable. High school students have been utilizing the idea of ‘#relatable’ or ‘#me’ for years because generally, people have the aspiration to relate to others. Neil Patrick Harris got married three years ago to David Burtka, and three years later he made a post expressing his joy and gratitude that he was able to marry the love of his life. The

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