Stars In Trifles

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(MIP-1) Stars are not only used to represent the mental states of the characters, literal views on stars are also brought up in the book, as well as personal connections each character has to the stars. (SIP-A) For Najmah and Nusrat, stars are seen as positive guide in their lives. (STEWE-1) Growing up believing in the Islamic faith, Najmah was always told that, “As long as you know he stars, you will never be lost”, he said” (Staples 10). Her whole life so far, she has seen and also used the stars as guides while she travels, and, in a way, she has hope in the stars, saying, “And so I lie awake the rest of the night... staring at the stars, and praying for guidance” (Staples 131). (STEWE-2) In Nusrat’s case, she was exposed to stars being…show more content…
(SIP-B) For both Najmah and Nusrat, they look to the stars and associate them with their loved ones. (STEWE-1) When Nusrat looks to the stars, she thinks of her sister Margaret, who died when Nusrat was 10. One place this can be seen for Margaret is whilst she watched a meteor shower in her home in Peshawar. As the “... first meteorite slings it's icy arc among the stars” (Staples 52), Nusrat is reminded of Margaret, “She thinks of the first summer after Margaret got sick, watching the meteor shower by herself in the top field on her grandfather's farm” (Staples…show more content…
(STEWE-2) In Najmah’s case, she thinks of her brother Nur and father when she looks to the stars. Especially during her journey to Torkham, she looks toward the stars, saying, “I think of Nur and my father, and look up for al-Qutb, the star that never moves…” (Staples 107). Najmah, not only connects stars to her family and as guides due to her faith, she had been living as a farmer of sorts for her entire life, and due to some of her responsibilities as a farmer, as well as the fact that she lived in an area that didn't have many lights, meaning a person could see the stars very clearly, she was taught to use the stars as guides in times of need, as she did while traveling to Torkham; “I am able to keep our direction true by finding al-Qutb… just as my father showed Nur and me what seems a lifetime ago in our village in Kunduz” (Staples 109). In this instance, it's clear that Najmah looks to the stars and connects them to her brother and father. (CS) Ultimately, stars can be seen literally for Najmah and Nusrat as signs of hope, but can also connect to both women in their personal experiences with the
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