Stars and Stepping Stones

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Some choices only come around once.


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If you are a leader, role model, coach, mentor, advisor or someone who recognizes the gifts in another person and inspires them to greatness, at Acton we believe you are a teacher. If you are someone who longs to change the world in a profound way, someone who has the courage to find your most precious gifts and the dedication to master a discipline, at Acton we believe you are an aspiring entrepreneur. The Acton Foundation serves both teachers and aspiring entrepreneurs. We attract, train and inspire master teachers, equipping them with the courses and learning tools they need to help aspiring entrepreneurs. Our Advising and Mentoring Guides offer “teachers” ways to be
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You can, however, chart a course toward a meaningful star, set philosophical guardrails to mark the path, and lay steppingstones to mark each step in the right direction. After all, it would be a shame to wander aimlessly through a journey we will all take only once.

... it would be a shame to wander aimlessly through a journey we will all take only once.

What is a star?
J. Zink, a noted psychologist who has dedicated his life to helping parents raise happier children, tells this story: There was a man who spent many years studying the foremost issues of his time. One day, one of his teachers turned to him and said, “What are you going to do with your life?” The man was stunned for he loved this teacher and admired him.

He had never felt such pressure from his teacher before. Stammering, this man replied, “I don’t know. Finish my studies and get a good job, I suppose.” “Get a good job,” his teacher repeated. “This is a phrase I have often heard. It is the single worst choice of your generation. Happiness is unlikely to come to the mind whose goal is to ‘get a good job.’” “Son,” this wise teacher asked, “Would you be interested in some specific advice from an old man who wished he had your youth and energy?” “Of course, Doctor.” “Look around you. Take a fresh, hard, and uncompromising look at life as you see it. Ask this question, ‘What needs to be done?’ When you have an answer, and it may take some time to get it,

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