Starship Troopers Essay

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Starship Troopers is a classic novel written in 1959 by retired Navy Lieutenant Robert Heinlein. At the time that it was published Starship Troopers was controversial yet won the Hugo Award in the 1960’s for being one of the best science fiction novels. One of the controversies surrounding the book is the main character’s history teacher’s view on violence and how violence “has settled more issues in history than has any other factor.” The book had such a cult following that there has been a film adaptation. It is a work of literature that has stood the test of time and is being read in our schools today. This may not seem shocking for such a classic book, but being science fiction it is a true accomplishment. The story within this novel…show more content…
The new strategy is for the federation to make hit and run raids to slowly reduce enemy strongholds. During his time with Rasczak’s Roughnecks the book begins a shift and starts to focus on the daily routine of military life. During this shift Heinlein explains the relationship between non-rates, non-commissioned officers, and commissioned officers. After fighting in several more battles Rico proves that he has what it takes to become an officer. He makes the decision to become a career soldier and so attends the Officer Candidate School, to become a commissioned officer. Before Rico is able to graduate he must pass a field test, in which he performs extremely well, passes and becomes a commissioned officer. In the end Rico commands the special unit and it is renamed Rico’s Roughnecks, as they prepare to make a critical strike to the enemy that could decide the outcome of the war. This novel depicts the difference between non-rates, non-commissioned, and commissioned officers very well. It explains their duties and what is expected out of them and shows that if someone excels at those duties they will be entrusted with more responsibility. Every young Marine should read this novel as it shows how one Marine is a puzzle piece in the large picture, and how that one Marine can make or break a
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