Start An Exercise Program After Leading A Somewhat Sedentary Lifestyle

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Have you ever decided to start an exercise program after leading a somewhat sedentary lifestyle? If so, you probably have experienced the feeling of lactic acid build up. Consider an individual with no prior exercise experience who decides to train for a 5k foot race. On the first bout of exercise, the person performs a simple walk/run combination for 20 minutes. At the onset of the walk/run, the body does well; breathing is deep, effort is easy and pace is consistent. However, 5 minutes into the walk/run session, the individual perceives a noticeable difference in breathing, which has become shallow and fast paced. Five more minutes pass and subject is now quite winded and tenderness can be felt in the calf and lower back muscles. As the person continues to complete the 20 minute session, breathing becomes extremely labored and the exercise pace has slowed to a complete walk. Since the subject had no prior experience with exercise, the exertion level was likely higher than the energy production and oxygen transportation within the body. At the time the person noticed labored breathing and muscle aches, the body was providing feedback to functioning in oxygen deficit, also commonly referred to as lactic acid build up or delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS.) DOMS is a more commonly used term because after exercise there is a delay anywhere from a few hours to a few days of soreness in the exercised muscles. Lactic acid build up occurs most often in untrained

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