Start Up E Commerce Business Of Nutritional And Dietary Supplements On The Internet

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The company I want to start is a start-up e-commerce business that will offer an expansive line of nutritional and dietary supplements on the internet. This expansive inventory will provide customers with their dietary needs for weight loss, body building, toning and general health. The company will expand the inventory further to include fitness related items, such as apparel and specialized dietary supplements as well as accessories ranging from shaker bottles to gym bags.
The company will provide a wide variety of vitamin, mineral, herbal supplements, sports nutrition, diet and energy products, and fitness products. These products are designed by our suppliers to achieve the goals of our target market who want to exceed their limitations and goals from losing weight, gaining muscle, training for a marathon, or any other way in a safe and effective manner. This business will set itself apart from others because we will offer products and services above and beyond what our competition can offer. The business atmosphere will be a safe and effective approach to help people live a healthier life style.
“The vision and mission statement is the anchor of a company and serves as the thesis statement for the whole business plan (Zimmerer, Scarborough, Wilson 2008). My company is dedicated to an honest, effective, real-life approach to achieving total health. We will provide the finest supplements using the internet to lower the consumer 's cost. Our goal is to empower…

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