Start Up E Commerce Business Of Nutritional And Dietary Supplements On The Internet

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The company I want to start is a start-up e-commerce business that will offer an expansive line of nutritional and dietary supplements on the internet. This expansive inventory will provide customers with their dietary needs for weight loss, body building, toning and general health. The company will expand the inventory further to include fitness related items, such as apparel and specialized dietary supplements as well as accessories ranging from shaker bottles to gym bags.
The company will provide a wide variety of vitamin, mineral, herbal supplements, sports nutrition, diet and energy products, and fitness products. These products are designed by our suppliers to achieve the goals of our target market who want to exceed their
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In an industry that full of hype and misleading information, the business will simply be the voice of integrity, honesty and character. Our mission is simply this: Change lives through shared knowledge, support and products that support whatever phase our customers may be in, or seeking. Our services will exceed the expectations of our customers.
My business’s competitive edge will be their easy-to-use website, superior customer service, and aggressive marketing tactic 's. The website design will be a competitive advantage because research indicates that an easy-to-use website significantly increases sales. The design of the website will encourage purchases because it is so easy and quick to make the purchase. Too often sales are lost because of complex websites that are far from intuitive.
The goal of our customer service department will be to serve the customer any way required. Customers that call in with problem/issues will be amazed at the amount of personal attention they receive and how quickly issues are not only resolved, but significantly improved. This will be a powerful asset because a happy and satisfied customer is a returning customer.
Our search engine optimization plans will be effective, affordable and designed to deliver valuable traffic to the website without the hassle and confusion. It 's no secret that social media has become a fully integrated element of
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