Start Up Research Paper

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GLOBALSTART Submitted by: GlobalStart Needs of Global Start-up Companies Table of contents Pages 1. Topic: Global Start 2 Introduction Definition 2. Identification of needs of Global Start-ups 3 Introduction Research & Development Market development / sales Production / operation Organisation and governance Finance / administration 3. Conclusion 9 Definition of Global Start-ups Introduction High tech firms which are internationally active from or near their inception have increasingly been receiving international attention from…show more content…
By examining the evolution of the companies, the needs were identified for each of the areas, the following sections give an aggregated report on these needs related to each functional area, while specific needs are identified in the tables 1-5. 3.2 Research & Development For early stage high tech firms, knowledge is possibly the single most important resource. Acquisition of valuable know-how, learning and keeping up to date with the newest evolutions in the field are essential ingredients for success in these firms. It is important, therefore, that the founding team consists of people who are authorities in their fields of research as they provide scientific excellence, reputation and networks of scientific and technical partners to the firm. The majority of the case study companies are based on university knowledge or knowledge gained by the founder(s) while working at a university research group. For some of the case companies especially in the biotech firms, access to a global network of “world-class” scientists etc. was not necessary as the entrepreneurs are these experts. From the cases the other identified needs related to logistical and strategic implementation of research and development issues. Table 1:
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