Start of The Renaissance in Italy During the 15th Century Essay

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Start of The Renaissance in Italy During the 15th Century

The word Renaissance means rebirth. It was a period when people rediscoverd learning and looking back to the classical civilizations of Rome and Greece for their inspiration. It was an exciting time of new inventions and amazing discoveries, magnificent buildings and beutiful art. My aim in this essay, is to explain why the Renaissance started in Italy during the 15 century. In this essay I will talk about; The growing wealth of Italy, divided Italy, the classical period, humanists, trade and exploration.

The main reasons of why the Renaissance started in Italy during the 15th century were the growing wealth of italy because the history
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The ancient ideas about beuty- of mind, body and spirit, led on to a new philosophy, known as humanism, which challenged the teachings of the medieval Church. Renaissance thinkers made human beings, and human achivements, their main concern. They cared more about life in this world, than about eternity. Most humanists did not reject altogether. But now they believed that, in some ways, humans could be perfect, and almost equal to God. The discoveries by Renaissance scholars in subjects as different as atonomy, music and maths all helped humanists. Scholars considered shapes, such as squares and circles, to be mathematically perfect. They were delighted that Roman architect Vitruvius had suggested that a perfect human body was naturally in harmony with these perfect mathematical forms. They took this harmony as evidenve of a 'grand design', by which the univese had been formed. Michaelangelo intended his painting to be more than just a picture: it is a statement of humanist beliefs in the power and beuty of humankind. Michaelangelo believed that without God, Adam could not live. Even so, he has portrayed him as strong, relaxed and unafraid. Michaelangelo's painting shows us that, for some Renaissance artists,
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