Starters vs Relievers Essay

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Starting Pitchers vs. Relief Pitchers There are many differences and similarities between relief pitchers and starting pitchers. There are many different types of relief pitchers that each team has in its bullpen. While starting pitcher each team usually has about 5 starters that rotate through each game, which leaves the rest of the game up to the relief pitchers once the starter can no longer go. People do not normally realize that saying a person is a pitcher is quite a general statement. For example starting pitchers is defined as the pitcher who delivers the first pitch of the game to the first batter. Even if that pitcher gets hurt on that pitch he is still the starter. Normally starting pitchers are supposed to go the…show more content…
Once a runner reaches the goal switches to a no hitter if they got on an error or walk. If they got on with a hit the goal is to get a shutout, which is when the opposing team scores no runs. Also if the starting pitcher goes all the innings in the game whether it is seven or nine they are rewarded with the complete game. Normally when a pitcher reaches any of their goals they achieve a win. Starting pitchers normally have at a minimum three effective pitches. They need pitches to get ahead in the count on the batter and then a strike out pitch. A strike out pitch is a pitch with a lot of break or movement and is hard for the batter to pick up and normally ends with freezing the batter or a swing and miss. A relief pitcher or commonly called a reliever is a pitcher that comes in at any time during the game after the first pitch of the game is thrown. The starter can be removed for multiple reasons such as; injury, ineffectiveness, fatigue, ejection, or depending on the batter. There are many types of relief pitchers for example closers, set-up pitchers, middle relief, left-handed specialist, long relievers and mop up relief. Many relief pitchers were starters in the primes of their careers but can no longer endure the stress given with being a starter. This is because as a relief there is more time for rest between outings and the pitcher doesn’t throw as many pitches in one outing.

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