Starting A Business Is A Difficult Task For Anyone, Despite Their Age

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Starting a business is a difficult task for anyone, despite their age. Different ages come with distinct entrepreneurial skill sets and traits that are unique to their demographic. Many of the most prominent business people in our society today started off as entrepreneurs at varying ages. Being an entrepreneur is not confined to a single age, however, some ages are more successful than others.
When the term entrepreneur comes to mind one usually will picture a Bill Gates or Steve Jobs type, never a child or even a teenager. However, the number of child entrepreneurs is growing everyday. Around 77 percent of students say they want to be their own boss, and 45 percent say they want to start their own business. Nearly half of American students desire to be entrepreneurs, and many of them have the skills and the drive to achieve it.
Children are naturally imaginative, energetic and willing to take risks - all traits that are essential to entrepreneurship. Kids have the ability to think outside the box and be unrestricted in their thinking. They are able to see the world unobstructed by adult troubles and practicality, which can often smother the best ideas. Not to mention they have the least amount to lose, no bills to pay or family to take care of. If their idea, fails they can simply move on to the next one. Children are often underestimated due to their youth, but they truly can be the most creative and most successful in the field of entrepreneurship.
Children are the…
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