Starting At An Early Age It Became Apparent To Me That

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Starting at an early age it became apparent to me that others around me seemed to be very self-centered. I grew up in a relatively poor family in Oregon that did what they could to care for my two brothers and myself, but there were serious issues present in my family that would tear it apart. My father was an alcoholic and would often be abusive to my mother when he drank; this started early on in their relationship before I was born. Among alcohol problems, my father also had dealings with various illicit substances. This eventually accumulated in my mother having an emotional breakdown and deciding to leave for New York with a man that she had developed a relationship with online. She gave my brothers and I the option to come with her,…show more content…
These times were not extremely pleasant as my father continued to abuse my eldest brother and eventually it started to transfer to my other brother and myself; however, we made the most of what we had at the time. There were some good memories of the ranch we lived on; what child does not enjoy living near so many animals. I remember quite well that we did not have a vehicle at this time and we would go out every couple of weeks and walk several miles to the grocery store so that we could backpack what we had bought back. This doesn’t sound pleasant but it was actually one of the better experiences during this time period. My father taught us that you do not need a vehicle to survive and that there many people out there in the same situation. Once our stay had worn out at the ranch we moved to an adjacent city to try and find another place to stay. This did not work out in the beginning and we ended up staying a one room motel for the next month or so while my father attempted to find employment. During this time, I met a man that still sticks in my memories to this day. He was the principal of the school that I was attending at the time and helped our family on numerous different occasions; he did more for us in that time then our own father did. This brought to my attention that there are many wonderful people in the world that will do nearly anything to help others. Eventually my father did find employment and we managed to move into a nearby

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