Starting At The Age Of Seven, I Can Distinctly Remember

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Starting at the age of seven, I can distinctly remember hearing the constant worry and concern of my mother 's voice while looking at the bulging goiter in my neck. Due to this concern, I was placed in the hospital while battling intense throat pain and confusion. Through various lab works and examinations my doctor ruled out that I have Hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is of such high interest to me due to the fact that I will be living with this disease for the rest of my life. This disease is rooted from a main cause, contains a variety of risk factors and symptoms, has options of treatment, and displays new and upcoming issues within the world today. Hypothyroidism can form within one’s body system due to a variety of factors.…show more content…
As mentioned previously, the remaining thyroid tissue from the Subtotal Thyroidectomy is being attacked by the body due to being seen as an invader which may then trigger the autoimmune disorder known as Hypothyroidism. Throughout the day to day life of an average healthy human being, there are a few risk factors that can inhibit the start of Hypothyroidism. Three risks in specific are iodine level intake, pregnancy, and gender type. To maintain the overall normal function of the thyroid gland and the making of the thyroid regulating hormone, iodine is needed at certain levels. Iodine must be consumed in order to be distributed throughout the body due to the absence of it being created within the body. When there is not enough iodine distributed throughout the body, the thyroid gland begins to function under normal means causing the development of Hypothyroidism and even brain function deficiencies in children born from mothers who had a lack of iodine element during the 9 months of their pregnancy. (Iron Deficiency, n.d.). During pregnancy a woman’s body is going through numerous amounts of changes that can hinder the ability to piece together symptoms of thyroid dysfunction. Although during most pregnancies hormone regulation from the thyroid conforms to the necessary amount needed in order to support the fetus growing within the mother 's body, there are some women already under the diagnosis of Hashimoto 's Thyroiditis. If Hashimoto’s

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