Starting College During High School Was Probably One Of

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Starting college during high school was probably one of the best decisions I’ve made. I have learned so much being part of a college English class. Some weaknesses I had before in my writing turned into strengths because of this class. I also learned a lot about my interests and other weaknesses I never knew I had. One of my weaknesses, organization in writing, improved immensely. My improving organization made my papers more interesting and intriguing. My grammar and punctuation also improved due to the in-class quizzes we took every so often. My grades on essays increased greatly throughout time because of my strengthening skills on grammar and punctuation. The writing process was different for each essay, but it also improved. I became…show more content…
During my conference with Professor Berkey, I realized I became so caught up in my story I had quite a few spelling and grammatical errors. I recognized that I wasn’t as skilled with grammar and spelling. I think this was my favorite essay because of diversity in the word choice and being able to tell an attention-grabbing story. This type of essay keeps people interested and attentive. The descriptive essay’s writing process was approached a little differently. It was hard to get into detail with the outline I created for this particular paper. The pre-writing was broader than the previous essay, and I wasn’t able to think of details quite as easily. This essay was also written in chronological order, but it was over my whole lifespan versus over a twenty-four-hour period. During drafting, I tried to show how my feelings about this significant place changed over time, and how it made an immense impact on my life. During revising, I once again didn’t have think about the organization of my essay too much. I described all the softball terms I used so that readers could understand exactly what I was talking about. As for editing, I fixed all comma and spelling errors that I noticed. Throughout editing, I reread each sentence a couple times to see what sounds the best. I also add any words that could make my sentences clearer and more precise. The descriptive essay was a little harder for me to write than the narrative

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