Starting a Business Online Essay

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Assignment One
BUS 107
April 19, 2012

1. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of taking your small business online by performing a SWOT analysis 2-4 items in each category. The online business I am going to start is Earl’s Flowers Togo. We sell flowers arrangements and candies online and we have a brick and mortar store. One of our strengths is that we sell affordable high quality flower arrangements with name brand candy. We have a website that is very internet friendly and you are able to click and drag your flowers to build your own flower arrangement with a price quote. Another one of our strengths is that we have 2 to 4 hour delivery from the time your place your order. Our weakness in the company is that
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Territorial borders in the physical world serve a useful purpose in traditional commerce. In the physical world, geographic boundaries almost always coincide with legal and cultural boundaries. The relationship between geographical boundaries and legal boundaries can be discussed in terms of four elements: power, effects, legitimacy and notice. Power, in the form of control over physical space and the people and objects that reside in that space, is a defining characteristic of statehood. Effective law enforcement requires power. The ability of a government to exert control over a person or corporation is called jurisdiction. The level of power asserted by a government is limited to that which is accepted by the culture that exists within its geographic boundaries. Laws in the physical world are rounded in the relationship between physical proximity and the effects of a person’s behavior. Government-provided trademark protection is a good example. The characteristics of laws are determined by the local culture’s acceptance of or reluctance to various kinds of effects. Most people agree that the legitimacy right to create and enforce laws derives from the mandate of those who are subject to those laws. Legitimacy is the idea that those subject to laws should have some role in formulating them. The physical boundary, when crossed, provides notice that one set of rules has been
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