Starting a Small Business in Germany

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Starting a small business in Germany
Small and medium enterprises are the vital part of Germany's economy and so the Government makes it easy for residents and non-residents to start and run a small business in any part of Germany. After considering whether a small business is perfect for you and your lifestyle, you can decide from the five different forms of business ownership. The next step is to choose an appropriate name for your business and then you can apply to the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology for license and permits. Understand the taxation rates of Germany and then look for means to brand your business using the right media. When these steps are undertaken, you are all set to begin your small business. The success rate in Germany is fairly high and this means, you have a fairly good chance of being successful.
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The procedures and formalities involved starting a small business in Germany is fairly straight-forward. This is because the German Government and the society as a whole understands the importance of small business to their economy and has made it easy to encourage entrepreneurs like me. This paper aims to describe what I should do to start a small business in this country.
It discusses the different aspects that I should consider including the

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